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The world of finance is a complex one that is difficult to navigate. It is possible to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of distinct plans and methods that are currently available. But that doesn’t mean it has to be! It is not difficult to locate the most qualified financial planners in Melbourne, Victoria, provided that you know where to seek.

Do you need assistance in locating the most qualified financial planners and advisors in the Melbourne, Victoria area? Because there are so many choices available, it may be tough to determine which one is best for you to pursue.

We have collected a list of some of the greatest financial planners and advisors in your area so that they can assist you with any queries or worries that you may have regarding your financial situation. They will be able to steer you in the correct direction in order for you to make good decisions with your money, whether it is saving up for retirement or planning out how much money to invest in various things. They will be able to do this regardless of the situation.

Freedom Financial Planning

Freedom Financial Planning stands out for its holistic approach to financial management, offering a range of services from aged care advice to mortgage broking. With a team of experienced advisers, the firm ensures that every client receives a customised plan that aligns with their personal goals and objectives. This approach has cemented Freedom Financial Planning’s reputation in Melbourne as a trusted adviser for those seeking to optimise their financial life and create a legacy of wealth.

Services Offered:

  • Investment & Wealth Creation
  • Retirement Advice
  • Superannuation Advice
  • Aged Care Advice
  • Strategic Tax Planning

Phone: 03 9542 3200
Email: [email protected]
Address: Suite 29, 270 Ferntree Gully Road, Notting Hill VIC 3168

Klear Picture

Klear Picture - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

Klear Picture in Melbourne is renowned for its strategic approach to financial planning and wealth management. They offer a range of services designed to help clients achieve their financial objectives, with a focus on creating long-term, sustainable wealth.

Services Offered:

  • Accounting & Taxation: Comprehensive services for diverse financial requirements.
  • Business Advisory: Strategic planning for business financial success.
  • Private Wealth Advisory: Customized wealth management and growth strategies.
  • Lending & Capital Raising: Diverse lending solutions for property-related financing.

Address: 312/434 St. Kilda Road, VIC 3004
Phone: (03) 9998 1940
Email: [email protected]

Flinders Wealth

Flinders Wealth, a distinguished financial planning firm, emphasises the creation of bespoke financial plans that align with the unique needs of each client. Their approach involves an in-depth analysis of the client’s current lifestyle, financial objectives, and overall financial status to understand what clients aspire to achieve with their wealth. This detailed insight forms the basis for Flinders Wealth to develop a distinct vision for each client’s financial future, with a strong focus on wealth accumulation and preservation. The financial strategies they devise include various benchmarks to monitor progress and are geared towards realising the client’s ideal lifestyle.

Services provided by Flinders Wealth encompass:

  • Financial Planning: Developing custom-made financial plans attuned to individual goals and financial conditions.
  • Ongoing Service: Continuous monitoring and accountability to keep clients aligned with their financial objectives, including budget management and updates on fiscal changes.
  • Investment Management: Implementing a long-term investment approach with an emphasis on compounding returns, reinvestment, reducing transaction costs, and deferring taxes on capital gains.
  • Insurance Planning: Formulating strategies to safeguard income and family welfare in the event of illness, injury, or untimely death.

Phone: 0434 992 240
Email: [email protected]

Retire Ready Financial Planning

Retire Ready Financial Planning (Retire Ready FP), under the guidance of Gloria Mina, is a firm specialising in retirement planning advice. The firm is dedicated to assisting clients in achieving their desired retirement goals. Recognising the common concerns and queries that emerge when approaching retirement, such as financial sufficiency, Age Pension eligibility, and the durability of financial resources, Retire Ready FP provides personalised guidance. Their goal is to offer clients peace of mind and confidence about their financial capability for retirement. The firm adopts a hands-on approach, working intimately with clients to develop and implement an effective strategy that assures a comfortable retirement. This includes considering factors such as income requirements, pension entitlements, and superannuation management.

Retire Ready FP’s services include:

  • Retirement Planning: Expert advice for achieving a comfortable retirement.
  • Age Pension Calculations: Assessing and advising on Age Pension eligibility and entitlements.
  • Income Stream Management: Guidance on managing income streams effectively for retirement.
  • Superannuation Advice: Strategies for managing superannuation funds to support retirement.

Phone: 03 8372 2010

Hewison Private Wealth

Hewison Private Wealth - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

Hewison Private Wealth offers a comprehensive suite of financial planning, investment, risk management, and wealth management services, all tailored to the unique circumstances of each client. The firm’s approach is distinctly bespoke, adapting in complexity to meet the specific needs of their clients. Hewison Private Wealth is renowned for its commitment to innovation, integrity, and a track record of success, ensuring that clients receive expert, caring, and trustworthy services. This approach is designed to instill confidence in clients about the protection and growth of their wealth, extending across generations.

The range of services provided by Hewison Private Wealth includes:

  • Financial Planning & Investment Advice: Personalised and independent financial planning and investment counsel.
  • Wealth Creation & Asset Management: Strategies for wealth accumulation, management, and protection.
  • Superannuation & SMSF Advice: Guidance on future security through superannuation and SMSFs.
  • Investing & Portfolio Construction: Flexible investment strategies and portfolio construction.
  • Retirement Planning & Advice: Ensuring a comfortable and secure retirement.
  • Tax Planning & Structures: Implementing foundational strategies for financial success.
  • Succession & Estate Planning: Safeguarding the interests of future generations.
  • Insurance, Risk & Wealth Protection: Protective strategies against unforeseen circumstances.
  • Inheritances, Business Sales & Financial Settlements: Expert management of significant financial events and transitions.

Phone: (03) 8548 4800
Email: [email protected]

SMART Financial Advisory

Smart Financial Advisory, a versatile financial services provider, caters to a broad range of clients, including businesses and individuals. They specialise in streamlining complex financial processes such as superannuation to maximise retirement savings for their clients. A key area of their expertise is in Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF), which offer clients increased control over their financial future and additional tax planning options. The firm also provides retirement planning services, ensuring clients have a well-crafted strategy for their post-retirement life.

Smart Financial Advisory’s service portfolio includes:

  • Superannuation: Assistance with fund selection and investment optimisation.
  • Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF): Enhanced control and tax flexibility in superannuation planning.
  • Retirement Planning: Developing plans for retirement or transitioning to reduced work hours.
  • Insurance: Financial security solutions for unforeseen health situations.
  • Business Protection: Support for businesses of all sizes to navigate uncertainties.
  • Centrelink: Guidance on incorporating Centrelink payments with other income sources.
  • Investment: Crafting bespoke, evidence-backed investment strategies.
  • Estate Planning: Ensuring beneficiaries are protected through proper documentation.
  • Aged Care: specialised advice and planning for individuals over 75.

Phone: +61 3 9034 4883
Email: [email protected]

National Financial Planners

Based in Melbourne, Australia, National Financial Planners (NFP) is committed to fostering successful and enduring partnerships with clients, aiding them in realising their financial and lifestyle goals. Renowned for its clear, honest, and dedicated approach, NFP ensures clients’ assets are both protected and enhanced, guiding them towards financial autonomy. As a Corporate Authorised Representative of NFP Group Pty Ltd, which holds an Australian Financial Services License, NFP provides an array of tailored financial services that are adaptable to suit the distinctive needs of clients at various life stages.

Services offered by National Financial Planners encompass:

  • Tailored Financial Services: NFP offers a diverse range of services tailored to meet clients’ financial needs throughout different life stages.
  • Special Offers: Clients can avail up to 15% off on the first year’s premiums for Life & Disability Insurance.
  • Client-Centric Approach: The company prioritizes client satisfaction and professional excellence, as evidenced by client testimonials.

Phone: 03 9504 3879
Email: [email protected]

LBW Business + Wealth Advisors

LBW Business + Wealth Advisors, a distinguished firm with over four decades of experience in Geelong, excels at offering comprehensive business and financial counsel. Their unwavering commitment to building enduring partnerships with both individuals and businesses reflects their dedication to facilitating growth and realising financial goals. LBW places clients at the forefront, striving not only to elevate their financial and business positions but also to expand their horizons, redefining the realm of possibilities. Their success is intrinsically linked to the prosperity of their clients, whether through securing retirement financial security, making astute business decisions, or optimising tax efficiency.

Services by LBW:

  • Business Advisory Services
  • Accounting & Tax Consulting for Businesses
  • Audit & Assurance
  • Business Valuations & Forensic Accounting
  • Personal Wealth Services: Financial planning, SMSF, estate planning, family office, and individual tax returns.

Phone: 0430 339 765

Email: [email protected]


TruWealth Advice

TruWealth Advice is dedicated to offering financial guidance and support, focusing on the unique needs of single, widowed, divorced, and separated women. They are committed to empowering women to achieve financial well-being and independence. TruWealth Advice specialises in helping clients deal with the financial challenges that arise from major life events like separation, providing valuable insights into asset division, cash flow management, and financial planning post-divorce. Their aim is to empower clients to not only manage but flourish following these life changes, ensuring they can maintain their desired lifestyle. TruWealth Advice offers comprehensive services to assist clients in making informed decisions that impact every aspect of their lives.

The services provided by TruWealth Advice include:

  • Separation Advice: Guiding women through the financial aspects of divorce.
  • Strategic Planning: Helping clarify life goals and creating financial plans to achieve them.
  • Investment Planning: Developing disciplined investment strategies.
  • Insurance: Advising on comprehensive protection plans.
  • Retirement & Superannuation: Guidance on enhancing superannuation for a secure retirement.
  • Debt Management: Strategies for effective use of borrowed funds.
  • Mortgage Solutions: Smart decision-making on mortgage structures and banking.
  • Estate Planning: Planning for legacy and estate distribution.
  • Budgeting: Effective money management techniques.
  • Structure and Asset Ownership: Tax-effective structuring and asset protection.
  • Aged Care: Offering financial options for elderly care.

Phone: 03 8648 6534
Email: [email protected]


ToppTunbridge, a distinguished financial advisory firm headquartered in Melbourne, stands at the forefront of offering a diverse range of financial services, with a core emphasis on risk planning, superannuation, investment strategies, and more. Renowned for its unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch advice and service, the firm boasts a dedicated team of advisers and support staff. 

ToppTunbridge has strategically fostered collaborations with external legal and accounting practices, positioning itself as a central hub for clients seeking specialised guidance in areas encompassing Self-Managed Super Funds, Debt Management, Estate Planning, Legal Agreements, and Accounting. This collaborative ethos, coupled with their wealth of experience and well-established affiliations with industry-leading Funds Management and Insurance product providers, empowers ToppTunbridge to offer superlative outcomes and services to its cherished clientele.

ToppTunbridge’s comprehensive suite of services encompasses:

  • Personal Risk Planning: Crafting effective strategies to navigate and mitigate personal financial risks.
  • Business Risk Planning: Tailoring risk management solutions attuned to the distinctive requirements of businesses.
  • Corporate and Personal Superannuation: Dispensing expert counsel on superannuation strategies tailored for both individuals and corporations.
  • Savings and Investment Advice: Providing invaluable guidance on savings plans and lucrative investment opportunities.
  • Personal Estate Planning: Assisting clients in charting the complexities of estate planning to ensure the precise fulfillment of their wishes.

Phone: (03) 9935 5266
Email: [email protected]

Strategic Wealth

Strategic Wealth, a Melbourne-based financial planning firm established in 2004, excels in providing personalised financial advice to a diverse range of clients, including executives, professionals, expatriates, small business owners, and retirees. The firm specialises in devising bespoke investment solutions, meticulously tailored to meet the individual requirements of each client. Strategic Wealth’s approach centres around a deep understanding of their clients’ objectives, followed by the creation of financial plans aimed at maximising wealth accumulation and optimising retirement income. The firm’s commitment to staying updated with the dynamic financial, economic, and legislative changes ensures that their advice and strategies are always relevant and effective.

The services offered by Strategic Wealth encompass:

  • Investment: customised investment advice and strategy formulation.
  • Insurance: Comprehensive insurance solutions for various needs.
  • Superannuation & SMSF: specialised services in superannuation and self-managed super funds.
  • Estate Planning: Assistance with future asset distribution planning.
  • Debt Management: Effective strategies for managing debts.
  • Cashflow Management: Efficient management of personal or business finances.
  • Executive Options & Shares: Tailored advice for executives on options and shares.
  • Tax Effective Strategies: Implementing plans to reduce tax liabilities.

Phone: 03 8610 1777
Email: [email protected]

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