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Income Tax Returns

Your end of year tax returns & financials are an undervalued part of your tax year. If you’ve ever had your taxes done 18 months after 30 June, what are those numbers able to tell you..?

At Bookkept we make sure your financials are completed shortly after the tax year, and we are able to do this because of the focus we put on your books.

Bookkeeping by Accountants

Bookkeeping is an essential element of every business and its importance is often overlooked. We provide our clients with accurate and timely data to allow them to make informed decisions on how to best run their business. We are certified Tax Agents & experts in Xero who can train you, or take control so you can focus on what’s important.

GST & BAS Lodgments

Dealing with the ATO can be a hassle for a lot of businesses – don’t let it stress you out! GST & Payroll is a function that is well suited to a second set of eyes to avoid costly errors and STP has made the need for air tight payroll compliance more important than ever before. We make it a priority to keep your ATO lodgments up to date.

Budget, Cash Flow & Forecasting

Cash flow is vital in every small business – have you got a budget for the next 12 months?

An accurate forecast of cash in/out flows will clearly set out what success looks like and provide you with clarity that you’re moving in the right direction. In the first consultation we can point you in the right direction to ensure you can manage your finances.

Business Mentoring

Have you wondered if there’s anything you’re not doing that everyone else is?

We interact with business owners every day and we can help you fill in the gaps. There’s no substitute for experience when you’re a small business owner, but it’s always helpful to get a second set of eyes on your goals.


Between the two of us, we have over a decade of experience as tax & business services accountants. We are specialist tax accountants with CPA qualifications who started a tax firm as we saw a niche in the market for people who need quality bookkeeping & tax advice with a personal touch. Too often we meet new clients that tell us their accountant doesn’t give them the attention that their business deserves – we aim to be there when you need us.

Behind the scenes at Bookkept we utilise as much technology as possible, which keep your costs down and give us more time to provide actual business advice. Having worked with business owners from day one, we understand that you need tangible advice and help, rather than the once a year meeting that you’re accountant currently gives you. We want you to do well, so we both grow together.

The only difference between a stressed business owner and one who can spend more time with their family, is having the right financial data at their fingertips.

Daniel Heness

CPA Tax Accountant | Director

Brendan Thorp

CPA Tax Accountant | Director

Tax Accounting & Business Services Pricing

We don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach when it comes to billing. Our clients prefer certainty so we tailor a monthly package with defined accounting services and agree upfront. Here are some examples of what we do for our clients –


IT Contractor
$ 150 Monthly
  • 2 Business Bank Accounts
  • No Other Employees
  • Monthly Profit and Loss
  • Quarterly BAS
  • End of Year Tax & Financials Included


Cafè Owner
$ 320 Monthly
  • 3 Business Bank Accounts
  • 5 Staff (Fixed Income)
  • Fortnightly Payroll
  • Monthly Profit and Loss
  • Quarterly Cash Budget
  • Quarterly BAS
  • Quarterly Superannuation
  • End of Year Tax & Financials Included


$ 550 Monthly
  • Bills Clients through Xero
  • Tracks Expenses with Receiptbank
  • Multiple Business Bank Accounts
  • 10 Employees including timesheets
  • Fortnightly Payroll
  • Monthly Cash Flow Reports
  • Monthly Budget
  • Quarterly Superannuation
  • Taxable Payment Annual Report
  • Payroll Tax Reconcilliations
  • End of Year Tax & Financials Included

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