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3 Different Takes on Bookkeeping Pricing

We don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach when it comes to pricing. Our clients are unique, and so are their bookkeeping needs. We tailor a monthly package with defined bookkeeping services and agree upfront, you’ll never get an unexpected bill from Bookkept.

Sam’s accountant quoted him bookkeeping, but it would have tripled the cost of his annual bill!

Sam has been using MYOB since he started running his own business, which was 8 years ago

He has never upgraded his accounting software

He found that entering the bank transactions every month wasn’t too hard, although it wasn’t something he looked forward to every week

His accountant often tells him that he should upgrade, but he doesn’t really get what he’s missing out on

Sam has never looked through his profit & loss or cash flow reports, what could they tell him that he doesn’t already know?

Why is he paying so much tax??

Sally thinks bookkeeping isn’t a crucial part of a business, and doesn’t believe it’s worth it

When she first went into business, a family friend offered to handle her bookkeeping

She doesn’t hear from her bookkeeper very often, and isn’t really sure if she’s qualified or an expert

Sally searches for answers to her business questions on her iPad, while waiting for meetings to start

She gets a report emailed to her quarterly with her BAS but it looks like a generic print out, and isn’t really sure what to actually look at

At tax time, Sally is nervous and doesn’t answer her accountants emails

Last BAS payment, she actually closed her eyes while paying

John has a bookkeeper since last year, who is a CPA and a BAS Agent and they agreed on a price upfront

John spends his free time with his family instead of doing his books on the weekend

He gets a report back emailed to him monthly, and there’s always hand-written notes about his profitability

In the last meeting with his accountant and bookkeeper, they decided on a revised budget due to changing market conditions. John is confident he is in the right hands

John has found that once he understood what was happening in his accounts, he’s actually much more comfortable discussing them

He’s always aware of what his BAS payments are the made up of

Sam is a small operation, and his work output directly impacts his bank balance

Every minute he spends doing his bookkeeping, his competitors are out quoting jobs and managing their business

If he cut out bookkeeping, he could spend more time on what he is good at, and the rest with his family

Sam is beginning to realise that outsourcing his bookkeeping will actually be cheaper than doing it himself!

Sally doesn’t actually have a qualified bookkeeper, and they aren’t a BAS agent!

Sally’s accountant knows this situation all too well, and they try to help but neither of them have the time to meet monthly

It’s strained their family friend relationship, and Sally wishes she could move bookkeepers and go back to just being friends

While Sally has taught herself to read a cash flow report, she wishes there was someone to bounce ideas off!

John is fully aware of what’s happening in his business, but hasn’t touched his accounting software the whole financial year

He loves the game of trying to beat the budget his bookkeeper discussed with him. Last month they actually increased the sales target because he’s been able to spend time quoting jobs instead of worrying about cash flow

His accountant loves John now – he’s on top of his accounts every quarter, and now their discussions are about business growth, not taxes

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