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Employee Contractor

Contractors And Employees

While it might seem at first glace that a contractor is cheaper and easier because of PAYG Withholding, Superannuation & Annual Leave – it can be a very complicated space where there might not be a right answer.

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Self Managed Super Funds

The chief reasons for the popularity of SMSF’s include control over assets,
tax benefits associated with superannuation, flexibility in funding retirement, potential cost savings by eliminating trustee and portfolio fees & estate planning opportunities.

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Cash Flow

Cash Flow Forecasts & Budgets

Lack of cash flow can be the difference between success and failure for small businesses – the planning of cash flow can reduce stress for both you and your creditors and the knowledge that you have money spare allows you to expand.

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Franking Credits

What Are Franking Credits?

A franking credit is a tax credit attached to “franked” dividends that shareholders receive from companies. Is it where the company issuing the dividend has already paid taxes on the income used to pay the dividend. To an individual, it is similar to PAYG taxes than your employer pays on top of your net wages.

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Directors Penalty Notice

Director Penalty Notices

Directors are legally responsible for ensuring that their company meets its pay as you go withholding, GST and superannuation obligations. If a company fails to comply with their obligations, company directors are held personally liable for the amount the company should have paid.

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Sharing Economy

Sharing Economy

The sharing economy describes an emerging social concept that connects people via the internet to those who will share services for money.

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Buying A Business

Buying A Business

Buying an existing proven business can be easier than starting from scratch – an established business has brand awareness, a (hopefully happy!!) customer base, regular suppliers and immediate cash flow.

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Travel Allowance

Employee Allowances

Allowances are separately identified payments made to an employee to cover expenses they incur while performing their role. Allowances paid in conjunction with normal salary and wages are not treated separately for PAYG withholding, but can still have special treatment in the eyes of the ATO.

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Business Or Hobby

Is This A Hobby Or A Business?

When you’re at the stage of asking this question, it’s often the case that there’s no right answer. Many businesses will start out as hobbies, and there will be a point when you could say it’s either. Your accountant can help you consider the differences in the characteristics of commercial business and a hobby to make sure you’re lodging your taxes correctly.

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Hiring Staff

Hiring Staff Chapter 1: The hiring process: how to hire staff Are you ready to hire your first employee? Or maybe you have a few

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Cloud Acccounting Melbourne

Cloud Accounting

Want to learn about cloud accounting for your small business? Browse our guides on mobile accounting, what to consider when you’re choosing a cloud provider

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Remote Working

Remote Working Chapter 1: How accountants and bookkeepers can adapt to working remotely The COVID-19 lockdown has suddenly forced businesses to accept remote work arrangements

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Want to learn about marketing for your small business? Browse our guides for information on digital marketing, SEO, social media, email marketing and more. Chapter

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Accountant Melbourne

What does an accountant do?

It’s a reasonable question. Do accountants manage bookkeeping? Help you understand financial ratios? Prepare taxes? While accountants are most visible around tax season, accountants work

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