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Experienced & knowledgeable in income tax, we complete tax returns for individuals & business owners. Our returns start from $140 with the guarantee that we maximize your allowable deductions. Book online now to get your taxes done without having to lift a finger.

The tax returns can be done via phone or email with all signatures required to be completed through our digital signature solution so there's no printing or scanning!

Our booking plug-in is below where you can choose your accountant & a time that suits you.

What Home Office Expense
Deductions Can I Claim?

A very hot topic this financial year due to the impact of COVID-19 and the rate at which people began to work from home. Bookkept will claim every allowable home office expense deduction possible, from new computer hardware to a portion of your rent.

What Information Do I Need For My Personal Tax Return?

Will I Need to Bring MY Income DETAILS?

The ATO will allows us to pre-fill a lot of your income, as it’s all being reported by your employers, banks & share brokers. However this can be wrong and that will cause your taxes to be incorrect and you may over pay. You will need to bring copies of any annual payment summaries, interest income, share sales & dividend income. If you bring anything where you made money, we will be able to tell you if it’s included in your taxes or not.

Do you have experience in SHARE TRADING TAX Returns & CAPITAL GAINS?

The difference between share trading and share investing can be a tricky situation. Your tax consultant on the day will go through the factors involved, and guide you in the right direction.

We have experience in capital gains from property gains to share trading to cryptocurrency taxes. There isn’t anything in a tax return that we can’t help you with.

What Deductions Can I Claim?

We will walk you through any deductions that might be applicable to you during our appointment, however there is a good start;

  • Details of Income Protection Insurance
  • Details of extra Superannuation payments
  • Receipts for investment property expenses, depreciation reports, bank statement of loans showing interest
  • Evidence of donations to Australian charities
  • Annual statements from Investment, Trust or Managed Fund
  • Accountant fees for the previous year
  • Logbook and expense receipts for personal vehicles used for work
  • Receipts for work-related travel expenses
  • Receipts for tools, equipment, and uniform
  • Education related expenses related to your work

Do you lodge tax returns for sole traders?

Not only do we lodge tax returns for sole traders, we can complete your GST/BAS, WorkCover & annual taxable payments report for any contractors you’ve used.

If we think your taxes will be quicker with regular bookkeeping we’ll educate you on what can make your life easier & cheaper.

If you need a tax return for a bank loan or chattel mortgage, we’ll provide you with financials to show your broker.

Do you have experience INVESTMENT RENTAL PROPERTY TAX Returns?

From the decade of experience our partners have in personal income tax, we have seen a lot of investment rental properties. Whether you have confusion about depreciation deductions or are unsure about apportioning a property that wasn’t rented the full year, we can point you in the right spot.

Should I Use A CPA qualified accountant?

If you’re unsure about what deductions to claim or need piece of mind that your taxes have been completed correctly by a professional then you should absolutely use a CPA qualified accountant.

We pay for regularly training & information to ensure your claims are in line with the latest allowable guidance from the ATO – we’ll make sure you’re not overpaying tax.

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