5 Myths About Bookkeeping and Business

  • MYTH #1 I Can Do It
  • MYTH #2 It's Cheaper If I Do It
  • MYTH #3 It's Faster If I Do It
  • MYTH #4 The Job Is Only Done Right If I Do It
  • MYTH #5 It's too Hard To Find A Good Bookkeeper
  • TRUTH #1 Is This The Best Use Of Your Time?
  • TRUTH #2 What Is Your Time Worth To You?
  • TRUTH #3 We Have Efficient Processes Set Up
  • TRUTH #4 We Are Registered BAS Agents & Are CPA Qualified
  • TRUTH #5 You've Come To The Right Place

Can't I do the Books?

Outsourcing is the cheapest way to introduce new skills and processes into your business. Employees come with payroll, recruitment and retention concerns, but outsourcing allows you to quickly and efficiently onboard new knowledge and skills.

Are you at a crossroads in your business where you’re spending too much time on the bookkeeping and accounts, rather than what you’re best at? We became bookkeepers so you don’t have to. At Bookkept, we use the skills and qualifications that we’ve gained in over a decade to make sure your business is where it needs to be so you can grow and generate more profit.


Benefits of using Bookkept

  • 1. Free you and your key employees's time, enabling you to focus on your core business.
  • 2. Save you money. Bookkept is significantly more efficient at dealing with bookkeeping issues and accounting software. This efficiency means the cost of you performing your own bookkeeping is likely to be higher. The opportunity cost (due to your time being spent on bookkeeping) means that you're losing time that you couuld be spending with your family.
  • 3. We subscribe to industry publications and stay on top of small business laws so you don't have to. We want you to spend your time honing your business, not your accounting skills.
  • 4. We know how hard it is to deal with government obligations or the ATO Being registered agents, we have a phone line that isn't accessable to business owners.
  • 5. The ATO gives a lodgement concession to business owners who use a registered BAS agent to lodge their BAS. We'll make sure you know when and what is due.
  • 6. Bookept can provide profit and cash flow reports at any time you like, allowing you to get a summaried business overview without needing to worry about debits and credits.
  • 7. We use best industry standard software so our processes are as efficeint as possible. You'll never need to google what STP is again!
  • 8. Sick of providing your accountant with bank statements? You'll never need to again, and the information your account recieves will be correct the first time. We know what accountants want, because that's where we started!
  • 9. We are experts at providing budgets & cash flow reports. Once you've got a budget in place, you can focus on performing and hitting your monthly targets. If you don't plan, you plan to fail!
  • 10. We can scale our services to you depending on your seasonal requirements. You'll never need to worry about hiring a casual worker for your bookkeeping again!

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